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Lina Kolesnikova

Lina KolesnikovaConsultant in International Relations, Security, Risk and Crisis Management, Brussels.
Lina Kolesnikova is a specialist in consultancy, training and research, especially in the fields of: Risk, crisis and disaster management tactical, operational and strategic level); homeland security; CBRNE; OSINT.

She is an Associate of CS&A (International Risk and Crisis Management) and Rossnova Solutions; a Senior Analyst at G3 Geopolitical Intelligence Team; a Fellow at the Institute of Civil Protection and Management; Rep to EU institutions; an OSCE ODIHR Democratisation Expert; a Council Member of the Gerson Lehrman Group Security Experts Council; and an Expert for the European Forum for Urban Safety in France.

Lina holds an MSc Degree in Risk, Crisis & Disaster Management from Leicester University, UK; an MA in History (Novosibirsk State University, Russia, 1996); and post graduate qualifications in International and European Relations (Amsterdam School of International Relations, the Netherlands, 2000), Communication and Languages as Strategic Skills (CLASS) (ErasmusHogeschool, Belgium, 2005), Logistics Management (American Military University, 2011), and is working on further qualifications in Terrorism Studies (American Military University, completion anticpated 2018).

She has taken part in numerous UNITAR courses, including: Peacekeeping and International Conflict Resolution; Global Terrorism; International Humanitarian Law; Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution; and Negotiation of Financial Transactions. Furthermore, she has studied courses at the Inter-American Defence College (Introduction to Conflict Resolution and International Negotiations; Inter-agency Process in Crisis Management; and Introduction to Inter-American System), and holds certificates in decontamination processes from the US Homeland Security Institute.

Other areas in which Lina has studied include: Crisis Negotiations for First Responders; Corporate Emergency Crisis Management; The psychology of Criminal Justice; and the Humanitarian Response to Conflict and Disaster.

Lina is a regular presenter and chair at high-level conferences around the world, including on mass hostage takings, terrorism response and negotiations, assisting the victims of large-scale terrorist attacks, community resilience, critical infrastructure, leadership challenges, soft targets, European emergency response, international co-operation and crisis management.

Lina is a CRJ blog Editor, focussing on security issues.

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