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About Us 


Now in its 17th year, Crisis Response Journal, along with its associated channels, is the global information resource that covers all aspects of human-induced disasters or natural hazards, spanning response, disaster risk reduction, resilience, business continuity and security.

The aim is to bring agencies, disciplines and nations – as well as the private and public sectors – together in order to increase the understanding of their different roles and perspectives, thereby improving a unified response to large scale crises, or averting crises in the first place through effective disaster risk reduction.

We cover a range of threats, from CBRN and cybercrime to conventional terrorism, from pandemic protection and preparedness to flooding, from fires and chemical incidents, to large scale natural emergencies such as earthquakes, from environmental degradation to climate issues, from critical infrastructure protection to business and national continuity, security, resilience and sustainability.

CRJ analyses past events to draw vital lessons for the future, while constantly scanning the horizon to identify and help mitigate new threats. It provides a much-needed professional global platform to exchange news, experience, and in-depth analysis of major incidents, as well as publishing cutting-edge thought leadership pieces and commentaries.

We distil and share global research, knowledge and experience on disaster risk reduction, crisis management, resilience and continuity. The aim is to protect lives, livelihoods and quality of life, to preserve the environment and to safeguard economies.

Our global readership comprises senior officers and strategists from: Local and national governments; front-line emergency response and civil protection organisations; major international institutions; non governmental organisations and the third sector; emergency planners & responders; academic and training institutions, critical infrastructure security and emergency response experts (ie ports, airports, refineries, energy and water installations); along with a range of other actors in the prevention, response, resilience and continuity fields.

The CRJ Team

emily hough Emily Hough is Editor in Chief of Crisis Response Journal, which she launched 17 years ago. She works both in print and online, specialising in international publishing, events and conferences, mainly in the fields of disaster and crisis management.

Emily has founded and organised high-level conferences and seminars in the resilience and response field, identifying global trends and anticipating future hazard scenarios.

You can read more about Emily here.
Claire Sanders Claire Sanders is the Editorial Assistant with the Crisis Response Journal.

Claire’s experience is manifold, including a career in teaching and education, making her perfectly suited to the many administrative tasks and challenges that CRJ throws her way, not least her perfectionism when it comes to writing and proofreading!

Claire has a BsC Hons in Biomedical Sciences from Newcastle University; she brings this knowledge and experience into the research, interviews and overall vision that she brings to the CRJ.
profile-bw Chris Pettican is the designer for the Crisis Response Journal.

Chris has a passion for creating beautiful magazine layouts, and this is demonstrated in his work. He has been designing our pages since 2017 and continues to surprise and delight with his creativity.

The CRJ Blog Team

Robert Fagan Robert Fagan. During his 30-year military career, Colonel Robert ‘Rob’ Fagan, US Army (Retired) deployed to humanitarian assistance and disaster relief operations in multiple countries primarily in the Western Hemisphere. He has trained and exercised with dozens of countries, building partnership capacity and promoting interoperability for crisis response. He currently works as a global crisis management consultant in the private and public sectors.

Rob writes and blogs for CRJ with articles on public/private partnerships, emergency preparedness for children, and free humanitarian, response, and emergency management training from around the world

Connect with Robert on LinkedIn.
Lina Lina Kolesnikova is a specialist in consultancy, training and research, especially in the fields of: Risk, crisis and disaster management tactical, operational and strategic level); homeland security; CBRNE; OSINT.

She is an Associate of CS&A (International Risk and Crisis Management) and Rossnova Solutions; a Senior Analyst at G3 Geopolitical Intelligence Team; a Fellow at the Institute of Civil Protection and Management; Rep to EU institutions; an OSCE ODIHR Democratisation Expert; a Council Member of the Gerson Lehrman Group Security Experts Council; and an Expert for the European Forum for Urban Safety in France.

You can read more about Lina here.
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