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Protecting cities against terrorism 

Lina Kolesnikova, member of Advisory Board of Crisis Response Journal and a Fellow of Institute of Civil Protection and Emergency Management (ICPEM), has been named as an expert within the Expert Advisory Board of PACTESUR (2019-2021).

PACTESUR is the acronym for the project: Protect Allied Cities against TErrorism in Securing Urban aReas, led by the city of Nice, France. Kolesnikova will be one of the 15-strong Experts Advisory Committee (EAC) which will be co-ordinated by the European Forum for Urban Security (Efus). The first annual meeting of the EAC and the associated cities group will take place in Gdansk, Poland from July 4-5, 2019.

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 The project aims to empower cities and local actors in the field of security of urban public spaces that are facing terrorist threats. Image: prazis|123rf

Through a bottom-up approach, the project federates local decision-makers, security forces, urban security experts, urban planners, IT developers, trainers, front-line practitioners, designers and others in order to shape new European local policies to secure public spaces against terrorist attacks.

The project is based on four pillars:

The reflection on standards, legal frames and local governance
The development of specialised training for local security operators
The awareness-raising of citizens and politicians on their role in prevention and as security actors
The identification of the most adapted local investments for securing open and touristic public spaces by sharing field experience

PACTESUR involves three flagship cities – Nice, Turin and Liege – all of which are committed to strengthening their co-operation and to having convergent strategies on urban security.


To read more about the project, please visit the website here 

Lina Kolesnikova, 14/05/2019
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