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Fire & rescue services: Foreign donations to Ukraine needed 

March 2022: The National Rescue Co-ordination Centre of the National Headquarters of the State Fire Service of Poland is co-ordinating offers of firefighting equipment to Ukrainian firefighters from fire and rescue services says CRJ Advisory Panel Member Tomasz Zweglinski. The State Fire Service is: "Ready to support them in receiving this equipment in Poland and hand it over to friends from Ukraine."

social mediaEquipment needed includes:

  • Thermal cameras
  • Power generators
  • Firefighting pump units
  • Portable high-pressure water pump units
  • Floating pump units
  • Firefighter turnout gear
  • Firefighters’ gloves
  • Firefighters’ boots
  • Firefighters’ helmets
  • Flashlights
  • Hydraulic rescue equipment
  • Technical Rescue Equipment
  • Satellite phones
  • Fire trucks

The State Fire Service of Poland says it constantly supports the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in providing firefighting equipment for Ukrainian fire brigades: “The national collection has met with an extraordinary response, confirming the solidarity of Polish firefighters – both professional and volunteers.”
With regard to co-ordinating activities related to equipment that overseas fire services, organisations and federations want to donate to Ukraine, this is how it works:  

  • The National Rescue Co-ordination Centre of the National HQs of the State Fire Service of Poland will take the role of overall co-ordinator
  • Email address to contact here 
  • There are also dedicated phone lines available (from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM, UTC+1), which will be operated by State Fire Service officers.  Click here for more details.
  • Q&A will be available on a dedicated website soon. 

Shortened procedure

If you want to transfer firefighting equipment to Ukraine, foreign donors should prepare the following documents: 

  • Equipment handover form (with a clear indication of the recipient on the Ukrainian side and the sender of the equipment) – pro forma invoice
  • Freight bill (collective list of equipment and a separate list of each pallet), including the name, number of pieces, weight, value (download the preforms documents by clicking this link or the QR code below. 

Untitled-2Special storage requirements 

It is also necessary for the equipment to be packed on pallets, properly secured for transport and storage. 
The fire equipment will be collected and stored in the selected State Fire Service facility only after it has been accepted by the co-ordinator. Shipment to Poland, transportation and customs costs must be covered by the donor.
In-kind assistance offered by entities than foreign fire services should go through official channels established by UN Logcluster 
Image: Adobe Stock

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