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Volume 16 Issue 3 

CRJ 16.3 is out now!Live now!

Comment: Jennifer Hesterman calls for imaginative thinking in security and crisis planning, while Gianluca Pescaroli propounds the benefits of stress testing to help with compound and cascading events

Climate & weather: News IPCC report; how climate-related disasters reflect poor planning and decisions; public warning systems; Pacific Northwest heatwave; wildfires, drones and AI; heatwaves; and wildfires in Turkey and Cyprus

Societal resilience: Involving all of society in resilience; EPS views on UK resilience; stronger together; ecological uncertainties and refugees; and design-led exploration

Covid-19: Response in Walloon Brabant; co-location and multi-agency response; and impact in Brazil

Continuity & management: Improved awareness is not enough; leading through topsy-turvy times; and planning for cross-training

Terrorism & security: Trends in terrorist behaviour; counterterrorism medicine and planning; Manchester Arena Inquiry; addressing complacency; harnessing the power of technology; and mutual expectations in cyber insurance

Focus on Australia: A land of elemental challenges - Christine Jessup guest edits this feature that looks at fire and water and the challenges they present to 21st century crisis management

Plus: Civilian, police and military response in humanitarian assistance; and veterinary medicine disaster work in Belgian floods


Urgent need for modern public warning systems (148.9KB) 06/09/2021, Free to read: After this summer's floods in Europe, Benoit Vivier insists that it is essential to deploy, without delay, modern public warning systems with clear and well-defined protocols on how to use them
How do we harness the power of local? (138.9KB) 06/09/2021, Bruce Mann starts the debate on building a 'resilient society' as part of the National Preparedness Commission's Independent Review of the UK's Civil Contingencies Act and its supporting civil protection arrangements
Resilience in the UK (182.4KB) 06/09/2021, Free to read: As the UK Government launches its call for evidence to contribute to the formation of a national resilience strategy, EPS Chair Jacqui Semple explores the most important aspects it will consider - and how resilience professionals can make sure their voices are heard in its formation
Stronger together: Improving disaster resilience (321.6KB) 06/09/2021, Free to read: Andrew Staniforth and David Fortune introduce Project CORE, a three-year long endeavour that aims to improve the societal response to disasters at the most local level
Leading through topsy-turvy times (305.1KB) 06/09/2021, Free to read: Eric McNulty challenges us to reconsider how we think about future crises, saying that the trio of tenets - trust, adaptive capacity and resilience - are key players as complex, novel incidents increase in scale and frequency
Gunshot incident through the lens of technology (128.3KB) 06/09/2021, Free to read: Adam Berry takes a novel and engaging approach to describing a fictitious shooting incident at a shopping mall, examining the integrated emergency response through a wide variety of deployed technology
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