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Improving terrorism awareness through training 

mainpicFor anyone involved in any aspect of security and risk management, the Report of the Inquiry into the Manchester Arena bombing is sobering.

It is another reminder (if one was needed) of the responsibility that we all carry to ensure the safety and security of the facilities and communities that we protect.
If there is one lesson from the report it is that those deaths could have been prevented if standard security protocols had been introduced and adhered to.
The words of the Norwegian report into the Utoya Island massacre in 2011 – when a right wing extremist blew up the government HQ building in Oslo, then took a ferry to Utoya Island and killed 69 children – identify exactly the shortcomings that led to the tragedy:
•         The ability to acknowledge risk and learn from exercises has not been sufficient;
•         The ability to implement decisions that have been made, and to use the plans that have been developed, has been ineffectual;
•         The ability to co-ordinate and interact has been deficient;
•         The potential inherent in information and communications technology has not been exploited well enough;
•         Leadership's willingness and ability to clarify responsibility, set goals and adopt measures to achieve results have been insufficient; and
•         In the opinion of the Commission, these lessons learned are to a greater extent applicable to leadership, interaction, culture and attitudes, than to a lack of resources, a need for new legislation, organisation frameworks or important value choices.
The Deltar Level 5 Award in Terrorism Awareness and Management programme has been designed to give security and risk managers a deep understanding of the challenges that terrorism awareness brings, as well as a range of solutions that can be used to create maximum safety and security, in whatever environment you are operating.
It will take place from July 19 to 23 and there are discounts available for members of the Institute of Strategic Risk Management (ISRM) and TINYg.
For information on the course and how to register, please visit here 

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