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CRJ is proud to partner with software firm Initsys 

In a world where security and risk go hand in hand, organisations could make good use of software that incorporates standard operating procedures should the worst happen. Initsys provides software for risk managers, providing a way to pre-plan, test the plan and implement it during an emergency.
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One of its clients used Initsys Merlin to produce a plan for a pandemic related shutdown more than five years ago; with the emergence of Covid-19, the business implemented it with a single trigger. Immediately, employees were issued with an application that gave a process for communication and non-essential elements of the business closed gracefully. The procedure involved identifying the critical parts of the business and understanding the impact. Real-time statistics have helped identify geographical threats areas as the infection levels continue to expand and contract.

It has worked – the information and command/control that Initsys provides enable the client to manage the risk of opening branches and closing them on discovery of infection; staff redeployment has been easy and cleaning controlled.

Initsys can produce plans for anything ranging from civil unrest to road closures to fire or flood. It has a historical connection to sensors like intruder and fire, as well as IOT (Internet of things) and an ability to connect to almost all current CCTV systems.

Initsys Merlin is software that turns paper plans into an actionable Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). SOP can be interwoven and constantly monitored for an increase in threat. SOP can be designed and written for all sorts of risk, from security to facilities management and significant incidents. On identifying a risk, Merlin can assist in ensuring a rapid return to normality.
Initsys provides a turnkey solution, teaching organisations to develop SOP and it offers a bureau service for those wishing to outsource the management and testing of the planning. Provision of Merlin is a secure SaaS and a standalone application for the more critical risk management centre or control room.
Merlin has the most extensive library of connected electronic devices for security, including most CCTV systems, intruder alarms, and access control. Merlin also includes the robot HaLO; the development of this robot is explicitly to monitor and collect information about objects seen in a CCTV cameras viewport, raising the threat level if necessary.
When there is the expectation of a large-scale incident, SOP can be prebuilt to run concurrently with interaction and logging of all critical moments, including press and public announcements, overview updates and responder information.

We are very much looking forward to working with the team at Initsys. Keep up to date with its products, launches and case studies here at the Crisis Response Journal. 


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