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Volume 3  Issue 4 

3-4INCIDENT REPORTS: Terrorist attempts in the UK; Floods strike Australia; UK floods: Resilience issues; Summer flooding; Gold Command during UK floods

ON EXERCISE: International co-operation; Pandemic exercise; Testing command and control in Israel

FEATURES: Developing safety in Oman; Tactical threats to schools; School safety in Afghanistan; Protecting the City of London; Counter-terrorism security; Chlorine emergencies

RISK LANDSCAPE: What lies on the horizon…; Over the edge of the world; The day after: Reconstruction priorities

IN DEPTH: Wildland fires; Safety at major events; Emergency management foundations; Crisis management: Communication; Psychosocial crisis intervention; Looking back: Lockerbie 19 years on; Reviews, diary and announcements Flood Fighters 2007

REGULAR SECTIONS: Gore-Tex: Protection and comfort; VectorCommand: CBRN Training; The EU’s MIC in action; Lessons Learned

AUTHORS: Gillies Crichton and Izzy Kington; Philip Campbell; Emily Hough; Paul Hayden; Nina Dawes; Anja Baier; Matthew Drinkwater; Adi Moncaz; Lt Colonel Azhar Al-Kindi; Walter Chi; Suman Nag; Brett Lovegrove; Guy Collyer; Frank Reiner; Dennis Davis; Patrick Lagadec; Michel Nesterenko; Dr Johann G Goldammer; Fire Chief Klaus Maurer’s; Alejandro Lopez Carresi; Robert Jensen; Major Erik de Soir; Jay Levinson


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