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Lyzi G Cota

Lyzi G CotaLyzi G Cota is Founder and CEO of Lions Group Global, an international strategic consultancy, which opens markets for industries including logistics, business intelligence, geospatial and cybersecurity operations in North America, Latin America and Europe. She is also a Strategic Advisor and partner with Global Eagle Consulting, a Washington, DC-based consultancy firm, which provides emergency management, business continuity and emergency services solutions

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September 2021: Lyzi Cota draws our attention to floods in her next two blogs on protecting animals before, during and after disasters. Here, she compares global facts and figures and distils key guidelines for the onset of a flooding incident
Continuing her blog series, Lyzi Cota outlines the dangers for livestock during hurricane season, as well as the potential subsequent floods, and she provides steps for safeguarding animals
July 2021: Lyzi G Cota provides practical advice and guidance on how to protect livestock and pets before, during and after a fire
Lyzi G Cota introduces the first in a series of blogs that explore the importance of accounting for livestock and poultry during a crisis
Having an animal at our side during a crisis may help to develop resilience and help to reduce the demand for post-disaster services, says Lyzi G Cota
Covid-19 has affected all sectors, cultures, beliefs, ages and professions. Emergency management, first response and crisis response teams are no exception as they work tirelessly to respond in this global crisis, writes Lyzi G Cota.
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Lyzi Cota,Lyzi G Cota
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