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Urban fire conference in Iran 

In CRJ 12:2, published this December, Navid Bayat describes the growth and development of the Tehran Fire Department, Iran, saying that international collaboration and advice are essential to creating a safer community. To further this dialogue, the Tehran Fire Department is organizing its second Second National Conference on Urban Fire Service and Safety, which will be held on February 22 – 23, 2017 at the International Convention Hall of the Oil Industry Research Centre, Tehran, Iran.


Read about the Tehran Fire Department and its activities in the December 2016 edition of the CRJ (12:2), published in December (photo: TFD)

The first conference theme will be fire engineering and urban safety, which will explore safety in urban transportation, as well as urban fire safety regulations. Delegates will hear about coping with fire spread in urban environments after natural disasters, land subsidence monitoring and evacuation safety.

Next on the agenda will be unified urban fire and safety management. Topics include: Safely designing urban elements; urban safety education and training, as well as public safety education; post-earthquake and disaster fire command and control; and analysing the optimum location of fire stations in an urban area. Physical fitness, mental health and specialist skills for firefighters will also be examined, as will organisational challenges, including human resources, management and non-operational personnel.


The conference in Tehran will cover all aspects of urban firefighting and fire safety, from human resources and technology, to public education and vulnerable populations (photo: TFD)

The conference will cover technology and urban safety, with a look at fire and emergency management technology, information organisation and urban infrastructures and a focus on smart urban fire services.

Lastly, delegates will share views on the social, economic and environmental aspects of urban safety, such as public education, environmental concerns, safety culture and the safety of vulnerable populations.

The Second National Conference on Urban Fire Service and Safety takes place at the International Convention Hall of the Oil Industry Research Centre, Tehran, Iran, on February 22 – 23, 2017.

For the full conference programme and more details, please email the conference organisers.  

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