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Major General from Pakistan provides medevac insights 

Now an emerging figure in the global medevac community, Pakistan has learnt the hard way how to be effective in the evacuation and treatment of casualties.


Ahead of the sixth annual Medevac conference (October 25–26, 2017), Major General Salahuddin Qasim, Instructor at the Armed Forces Postgraduate Institute in Rawalpindi, gave the conference organisers an exclusive insight into his nation’s MEDEVAC and its development and operational challenges.


In the wide-ranging interview, he discusses three key factors that influence the success of Pakistan’s Medevac missions. These include

The platform

The topography and terrain of Pakistan are varied and troops can be either deployed at sea level or the Himalayas – with peaks as high as at 6,500m - and in desert or hills. The platform has to be adapted for the missions, whether it is fixed or rotary wing.

The manpower

In order to operate successful missions, the human resource component needs to be effective and skilled in order to evacuate and treat people on their way to the base hospitals.

The environment

The geography of Pakistan is challenging, from coastal areas to desert of Thar & Cholistan to the plains of Punjab amenable to floods to the mountainous terrain in Northern Areas. The key is to know how to operate in such diverse conditions.

The full interview can be downloaded here 

For more details about the conference in October, click here  

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