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UK: Project that shares fire and rescue data with health partners receives innovation award 

UK: The Chief Fire Officers Association (CFOA) has been presented with an ‘Innovation in Action’ award by the National Health Service (NHS) Alliance, recognising its work in ‘Sharing Innovation’.


The award was presented to CFOA’s Ageing Safely Lead, Evan Morris (above), at the NHS Alliance’s Breaking Boundaries and Beyond Action Summit at the Royal Institute of British Architects in London.

The ‘Sharing Innovation’ award recognises organisations that have spread and scaled up an activity. CFOA received the award for its work on a project that has helped fire and rescue services share data with health partners, allowing them to develop services and interventions targeted at some of those most in need in the community.

CFOA President, Peter Dartford, said: “This award is not only a testament to the fantastic hard work of Evan Morris and his team, but also the important wider role of the fire and rescue service. I am delighted that this has been recognised by our colleagues in the health service.”

CFOA’s Ageing Safely Lead, Evan Morris, said: “This work has only been possible thanks to the support and cooperation of the NHS and the Information Commissioner’s office. By sharing this data, fire and rescue services will be able to reduce fire deaths even further, and contribute to benefitting their communities’ health.”

Work undertaken in Cheshire and Merseyside Fire and Rescue Services (FRS) has seen both authorities developing bespoke targeted services that make clients safer from fire, and increase the uptake in services improving health and social care outcomes. Case studies have shown evidence that this approach has cut fire deaths and injuries to below the national average and there is additional evidence of improved health outcomes. CFOA is seeking to scale this success up across the UK. 

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