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Disaster Management and Resilience collaboration: Horizon 2020 Secure Societies 

Following on from the successful Secure Societies Briefing event on January 21, 2015, KTN is hosting a workshop to explore the Disaster Management and Resilience theme in detail, with the aim of generating ideas and promoting networking.

shutterstock 16832104
Climate change and disaster resilience will be looked at during the event (photo: Shutterstock)

The Disaster Management and Resilience theme is divided into five parts:

  • Crisis Management and Civil protection, with a view to strengthening prevention and preparedness against natural and man-made disasters by underpinning an all-hazard approach to risk assessment across the EU;
  • Disaster Resilience and Climate Change with a view to developing solutions for climate change adaptation in areas potentially affected by more extreme weather events and natural disasters, such as for port cities, critical infrastructures, tourism;
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection, with a view to building up community resilience and resilience of critical infrastructure, including against cyber-crime and cyber-terrorism;
  • Communication Interoperability facilitating disaster management, notably through communication technologies for crisis response actors and the linking of situational awareness centres; and
  • Ethical/Societal Dimension.

The primary purpose of the event is to bring together the people and organisations with an interest in pursuing this funding opportunity. KTN and Innovate UK will provide the opportunity and the information on what makes a successful proposal will be provided and highlighted with relevant case studies.

There will be keynote presentations on the main topics of interest and there will be breakout sessions focused on ideas generation, proposal generation, and what makes a successful proposal (based on a successful case study from 2014).

Registration is mandatory, click here for details 

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