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France: A summer of attempted terrorist attacks 

Editorial Advisory Panel Member Christophe Libeau describes two further terrorist attempts in France.


Since January's attacks on the Charlie Hebdo offices and subsequent deadly sieges, France has suffered numerous further attempted attacks. Pictured here is a GIGN officer at the assault on terrorists at Dammartin-en-Goele in January (MI-DICOM-F-Pellier)

On Monday, July 13, firefighters from the south of France (SDIS 13, SDIS 84 and BMP of Marseille) struggled against a double fire in an oil depot in the area of Berre-L'étang.

It turns out that the fires were criminal in nature and were probably set with terrorist intentions.

The fires were different, and occurred around 500 metres apart; they were caused by an explosive device.

Once again, the French firefighters were at the forefront of the terrorist threat.

A third explosive device, also discovered on the site, did not work. Deminers have not yet fully dismantled it because it is in a particularly dangerous location that is difficult to access.

This event was virtually immediately overshadowed by news of another terrorist threat. This involved the attempted kidnapping and decapitation of a French Special Forces officer by a terrorist cell composed of four men, including two teenagers.

Investigations still ongoing but have left the country on high alert for the next few months.

Both of these events come in the wake of an increasing list of terrorist attacks and failed attempts in France since January 7's Paris attacks. France remains vigilant. 

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