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Reducing the consequences of arson 

Senior leaders from across the United Kingdom came together last week at the NEC in Birmingham to discuss the problem of arson and how its consequences in terms of costs and lives lost/injuries can be reduced further.

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Lee Howell, Independent Chairman of the Arson Prevention Forum, and Member of CRJ’s Editorial Advisory Panel, said: “With 70,000 deliberate fires occurring each year, 45 per cent of all fires attended by the Fire Service, and the total cost of fire insurance claims standing at £1 billion per year, the issue of arson has never been greater.

“Much has been achieved since our ‘call to action’ State of the Nation report was issued last year but more still needs to be done by all those public services who deal with the consequences and insurers who are picking up unnecessary costs.”

Lee continued: “We must have a relentless focus on driving down arson, which puts individuals at risk and the costs are borne by public services as well as insurance policy holders. We need to co-ordinate activity better, evaluate and share good practice and develop solutions that save money and reduce risk.

“The Arson Prevention Forum acts as an enabling and co-ordinating body, but each and every organisation with an interest or responsibility for arson needs to take stock and review if they are doing all that they can to reduce the cost and consequences of arson”.

Fire, Police, CPS, forensic scientists, researchers and insurers presented case studies as well as barriers and opportunities to move the agenda forward and this information will be available here

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