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US - UK meet to discuss shared homeland security 

UK Home Secretary Theresa May met with US Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson on September 30 to discuss progress on a range of shared homeland security-related concerns, including counterterrorism efforts, aviation security, collaboration in law enforcement and information sharing.

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Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson meets with UK Home Secretary Theresa May to discuss a range of shared homeland security-related concerns in Washington, DC, Wednesday, September 30, 2015 (DHS Photo/Jetta Disco)

During the meeting, Secretaries Johnson and May discussed their countries’ implementation efforts related to UN Security Council Resolution 2178, which addresses terrorism and preventing the movement of foreign terrorist fighters through improved information sharing, interdiction and arrests, and border security measures.

They also discussed joint efforts to counter violent extremism, including sharing approaches to evaluate the effectiveness of prevention and intervention efforts. Among the latter discussions, they covered developing a proactive strategy to address violent extremist and, in particular, terrorist use of the internet and social media platforms, as well as exchanging approaches for the identification of violent extremists and engagement with communities to address these individuals and others targeted for radicalisation.  

Both secretaries also addressed efforts to protect the aviation system, while facilitating legitimate trade and travel. Secretary Johnson underscored the United States’ announcement earlier this year to negotiate expansion of air pre-clearance operations to foreign airports in nine countries, including the United Kingdom, which will enable US Customs and Border Protection to stop potential threats before they arrive on US soil. Secretary Johnson also highlighted the Department’s efforts with the Department of State and other Federal agencies to introduce a number of additional or revised security criteria for all members in the Visa Waiver Programme.

Secretaries Johnson and May reaffirmed that the United States and United Kingdom are committed to promoting information sharing between our law enforcement agencies and encouraging co-operation between the public and private sectors to better ensure our collective security. 

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