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Crisis communication: Lessons from Afghanistan - a talk by Andrew Brown 

Readers of CRJ are invited to join Editorial Advisory Panel Member and Fulbright alumnus Chief Inspector Andrew Brown to discuss his work designing conflict de-escalation skills for military operations in Afghanistan in a Fulbright Frontiers event hosted by the John Adams Society at the Royal Society of Edinburgh

His talk on April 14, 2016, will explain the Insider Threat: insurgent infiltration and GREEN-on-BLUE attacks when a member of the Afghan National Security Forces directly and deliberately targets a member of International Security Assistance Forces.

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More than 90 insider attacks against International Security Assistance Forces taken place in a five-year period (image: 123rf)

With over 90 insider attacks in a five-year period, experience demonstrates that many of these incidents were caused by personal confrontations that involve cultural insensitivities.

Brown will explain how the integral pre-deployment training he carried out with the Royal Regiment of Scotland, 2nd Battalion, provided the skills needed to diffuse confrontations and build trusting relationships that facilitated better outcomes for all involved.

The event takes place on Thursday, April 14, 2016, at the Royal Society of Edinburgh, Scotland

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