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Free Emergency app launched by British Red Cross 

The British Red Cross, creator of the award-winning First Aid app, has launched a free Emergency app, available to the public for download from September 23, 2015.

The new app will deliver personalised, real-time alerts for severe weather and other potential threats around the UK, providing users with helpful information to keep them and their family and friends safe and prepared. As well as alerts straight to your phone, the app will also provide clear, practical advice on how to deal with a range of common emergencies.

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The app can monitor your set locations, so you know what is happening where you are, but can also be set up to monitor the locations of your loved ones. It means that no matter where you are, you can keep an eye on anything that may affect people you care about, alerting them to any likely threats as well as what action to take.

As well as alerts and practical advice, the app also has an ‘I’m safe’ feature that lets others know that you are OK, as well as a learn and test function where you can read about a range of emergencies and test your knowledge on how to respond.

The Red Cross has been working in partnership with the British Met Office and Environment Agency to access their live data feeds, delivering these in one handy location, alongside Red Cross emergency preparedness advice.

With the official launch of the app at the Emergency Services Show in the UK, the Red Cross will be speaking to emergency response professionals on the day, providing a ‘hot off the press’ first demo of the app’s functionality.

Continuing with the communications and tech theme the Red Cross will also exhibit its Unimog vehicle. As the most capable and complex communications vehicle in its fleet, its capability allows the vehicle to operate in remote areas, acting as a communications hub for the Red Cross and its partners. 

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