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Life search & Breathing detection device

Posted on 6th October 2016 at 12:28pm


LEADER is proud to introduce a new concept of search equipment designed for technical search specialists by technical search specialists. LEADER Scan, the WORLD’S ONLY patented UWB device capable of detecting and locating the slightest of chest movements produced by breathing!


Designed to detect and locate live victims trapped, buried or entombed, usually following disasters such as earthquakes collapse structures, landslides and so on, LEADER Scan uses a stabilized Ultra Wide Band (UWB) technology which interrogates the sub-surface of rubble and allows the location and detection of victims by detecting movement and working in up to 98ft (30m) in free space.


Its superior sensitivity means the device will indicate the victim’s location by detecting:

  • Irregular movements, such as hand / finger movement,
  • Regular movements, such as chest movements from breathing.


The signal penetration shape is basically a cone that precisely detects reflection from movement or the characteristics of breathing. It can detect movements at a depth of several feet through more than 7,87” (20cm) thick concrete and allows a 98ft (30m) search with 3.94” (10cm) accuracy in free space.


The rugged plastic case which contains the sensor is placed on the rubble and moved within a virtual grid across the disaster area to map potential buried victims, whilst the operator monitors and analyses the information progress via the control box. Whilst it is suitable for Primary search, its real benefit is in Secondary search as the UWB will detect and identify likely victims in the direct path and direction of the sensor.

LEADER offers a wide range of Search equipment to meet the needs of specialists on the field such as:

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