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Training Blog: COVID-19

Posted on 9th March 2020 at 08:41am

The Crisis Response Journal continues to be a great source of ‘just-in-time’ information for unfolding events around the globe, writes Robert Fagan. The world is very focused right now on Covid-19 and rightfully so. However, we in emergency management and public health education need to work diligently to make sure that the general public is well informed and individual household and organisational decisions are based on fact and not fear. To that end, and in no particular order, here are some great Covid-19 training and education resources from around the world.

The first resource I would like to highlight is one of the biggest and best in the United States and that is the Federal Emergency Agency’s (FEMA) Emergency Management Institute (EMI) in Emmitsburg, Maryland, which offers online, on site, and community delivered emergency management training courses. In order take a course or access its resources, all international applicants must register for a FEMA Student Identification (SID) number here. Click on the ‘Register for a FEMA SID’ box in the center of the screen. Next, follow the instruction and provide the necessary information to create your account. You will receive an email with your SID number. Save this number; it will be needed to register for courses and examinations.  Now that you can register for a course you’ll want to go to the course list and look for IS-520 ‘Introductions to Continuity of Operations Planning for Pandemic Influenzas’ and IS-522 ‘Exercising Continuity Plans for Pandemics’. While these courses were designed for flu pandemics, you’ll note a great crossover for planning and continuity plans found here that can be used for Covid-19 as well.

Next, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has a very good course entitled, ‘Emerging Respiratory Viruses, Including COVID-19: Methods for Detection, Prevention, Response and Control’. While this course is very much for healthcare workers, planners and organisers can take a look to in order to understand some of the logistics and methodologies needed to combat the virus.

Of particular note as the world addresses Covid-19 issues is that commercial online education providers are stepping up to make content free on issues surrounding pandemics. Specifically, Coursera and Future Learn have recently launched courses.  On Coursera, the Imperial College London recently provided ‘Science Matters: Let's Talk About COVID-19’. This course has just started, and while it is full as at the time of writing this, you can still access the content for free. The course lasts several weeks and is quite complete with videos, articles, and detailed scientific explanations of epidemiological investigations and how they work.

Lastly, on Future Learn the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine will launch a course on March 22, 2020 simply entitled ‘COVID-19’. Future Learn is an outstanding resource and you can look forward to the course being very high quality, interactive, and focused with excellent content.

We do not know how this illness will ultimately unfold around the world, but working together we can smartly and scientifically address the global issues surrounding it.

Train today; live tomorrow!

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