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Smart solution for hospitals from Arco and Sony Mobile

Posted on 26th January 2018 at 11:42am

Arjo, a global medical device company, has announced a joint partnership on a tracking solution with Sony Mobile Communications. The cloud-based solution aims to improve efficiency and quality of care by reducing time spent on locating critical equipment in healthcare environments.

This partnership aims to reduce substantially the time staff have to take to look for equipment, and to keep the cost of replacing equipment to a minimum. Added to this, tracking equipment will become easier.

According to a survey conducted by Nursing Times, more than one third of all nurses spend at least an hour during an average hospital shift searching for critical items or equipment.

The new tracking solution will help reduce this time by using a Real-Time Location System (RTLS), which enables localisation of healthcare facility assets. A research project conducted over two years at one of Sweden’s largest university hospitals showed a 63 per cent decrease of time spent searching for items or equipment when using the tracking solution.

”Healthcare is one of the new areas where Sony Mobile intends to simplify the everyday life of our customers. We firmly believe that digital transformation is a key factor for making today’s healthcare both safer and more efficient,” said Johan Svenér, VP, IoT Business Group Europe. He added: “This new tracking solution is only one of many smart solutions to come, where we apply our design heritage and digital expertise to new markets and industries, connecting people, things and spaces. The partnership with Arjo is a typical example of how we want to team up with other market leaders to create user-centric smart solutions.”

Partnering with established leaders in new markets/industries is an important part of Sony’s new strategy to expand beyond smartphones and wearables.  Arjo, together with Sony Mobile, will start to implement this new tracking solution at hospitals in the US and the UK during the first half of 2018.

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