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Intelligent security robot is unveiled

Posted on 26th January 2018 at 11:20am

Earlier this month Turing Video unveiled its new intelligent security robot, Nimbo, at CES 2018. Nimbo leverages the proven Segway Robotics' mobility platform and is created with artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, making it intelligent as well as affordable.

As its name would suggest, the robot is quick and agile, both physically and mentally. Nimbo can be programmed to patrol specific routes or self-optimised routes while analysing human activities and surrounding environments in real time. It is designed to detect security violations or anomalies and approach the area with light, audio and video warnings that correspond to the situation. The robot collects HD video evidence and pushes notifications to security personnel, including live video streaming to mobile devices. It also supports two-way audio, 24/7 continuous video history and auto charging stations.

Nimbo's mobility platform is powered by Segway Robotics, which is backed by Intel and Xiaomi. With sensors on board, the base provides stability and flexibility for indoor and outdoor use. It can handle rough or uneven pavement and move over speed bumps, while the relatively small size (30-inch height and 25-inch width) enables it to fit in narrow spaces. Additionally, the robot can be switched to the Ride-On Mode, a distinctive feature that allows a security staff member to step on and ride it up to 11 mph.

Nimbo can patrol large company campuses, industrial warehouses, high-rise parking structures or parking lots, etc. Depending on application scenarios, it can be tailor-made to meet specific needs, for example communicating with drones, integrating with security management systems, adding extra sensors or readers. The extraordinary customisability is empowered by Segway platform that grants access to its vision, speech, locomotion, connectivity, interactivity and other hardware extensions.

All images courtesy Turing Video

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