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Volume 9 »

Issue 4

Volume 9 - Issue 4 Comment: Radioactive legacy of decommissioned nuclear submarines.

Profiles & Analysis: Civil-military response tested during Exercise DISTEX with the Royal Navy; Sewol shipwreck in South Korea; China’s international search and rescue team; Boston Marathon response.

Security & resilience: Situational awareness; Critical infrastructure and cyber-resilience; Space weather and the risk of coronal mass ejections.

Climate & environment: Geopolitics in the Arctic; Resilience in Antarctica; Air pollution measures in China; Water supplies and climate; Local government tools for city sustainability; Water issues in Pakistan; Major floods in South Africa; Extreme events in the Caribbean.

In Depth: Syria Part I – rescuing civilians in times of war; Challenging terrorism; Biodefence.

Plus: Looking back – IRA bombing of the Conservative Party conference; EU in the fight against Ebola; Frontline – Suzanne Enghed.

Authors, contributors, interviewees: Patrick McIlwee, UK; Andy Marshall, Rhead Group, UK; Prof Guosheng Qu, CISAR, China; Director Kurt Schwartz, Undersecretary for Homeland Security, MEMA, USA; Superintendent-in-Chief William Gross, Boston PD, USA; Asst Police Chief James MacIsaac, Belmont, USA; Leo J Saidnawey, EMA, Belmont, USA; Fire Chief David Frizzell, Belmont, USA; Dr Dave Sloggett, UK; Dinos Anthony Kerigan-Kyrou, visiting instructor, NATO; Dennis Davis, CBE, OStJ, QFSM, MPHil, CEng, FIFireE, CCMI, UK; Emmelie Andersson, MSB, Sweden; Chris Felton, Civil Contingencies Secretariat, UK; Lina Kolesnikova, Brussels; Martin Boyle, Australian Antarctic Division; Arnold M Howitt, Executive Director of the Ash Centre for Democratic Governance, Harvard Kennedy School, USA; Kelly Hubbard, MWDOC, USA; Monica Ludigkeit, ICLEI, Germany; Luavut Zahid, Pakistan; Hilary Phillips, South Africa; Jeremy Collymore, University of West Indies; Robert Hall, London First, UK; James Le Mesurier; Brett Lovegrove, UK; Colonel (ret) Nicolae Steiner, MD, PhD, Professor at Titu Maiorescu University, Romania; Ian Dunbar, Holmatro; Tony Moore, ICPEM; Anouk Delafortrie, ECHO; Suzanne Enghed.

Issue 3

Volume 9 - Issue 3 Comment: Austerity – opportunity or threat?

Interviews: Civil Defence in Dubai; Emily Hough interviews the Honourable Nikki Kaye, New Zealand’s Minister for Civil Defence.

Incident analysis: Personal reflections on response to Typhoon Haiyan; Multi-agency command support.

Features: The data challenge for city officials and stakeholders; Drowning toll in South Africa; Complex scenarios in field exercises; Cyclic and holistic approach to exercise programme evaluation strategy; The role of heritage in civil protection and resilience; Crisis management in Macedonia; Mass fatality operational response; Key ingredients for disaster logistics.

Healthcare in Danger: Tackling violence – the ICRC’s Healthcare in Danger campaign; Attacks on polio vaccine healthcare workers in Pakistan; A personal perspective from Dr David Nott on safety in areas of conflict and catastrophe.

Terrorism, Security, Policing: Attacks in Volgograd; Marauding Shooters; Types of terrorist attack; Black Swans and the G20 summit;

Plus: Looking back – the Exxon Valdez; EU response to Typhoon Haiyan.

Authors, contributors & interviewees: Steve McGuirk, County Fire Officer & Chief Executive, Greater Manchester Fire Service, UK; Laura Kavanaugh, MSc, ICLEI; Major General Al Matrooshi, Dubai Civil Defence; Hon Nikki Kaye, New Zealand; Ørjan N Karlsson, Norway Directorate for Civil Protection & Emergency Planning; David Jones, Rescue Global; Hilary Phillips; Christo Motz, Netherlands; Ralf Beerens, MSc, Netherlands; Giovanni Boccardi & Lindsey Scott, UNESCO; Vlatko Jovanovski, Macedonia’s Directorate of Protection and Rescue; Sarah Cotton, ICRC; Luavut Zahid, Pakistan; David Nott, OBE, MD, FRCS, UK; Karen Collins, MA, DEM, BTech, BA, Douglas College, Canada; Lina Kolesnikova, Brussels; Dr Dave Sloggett, UK; Roger Gomm, QPM, UK; Robert Broadhurst, OBE, QPM, UK; Denise P Thompson, Phd, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, NYC, USA; K Harald Drager, Norway; Professor Meen Poydyal Chhetri, Nepal; Dr James Hagen, USA; Nicolae Steiner, MD, PhD, Romania; Ajith Kumar, Chief Fire Officer, Bangalore Airport, USA; David Rogers, Massey Shaw Education Trust, UK; Tony Moore, ICPEM; Ionut Homeag, European Commission.

Issue 2

Volume 9 - Issue 2 Comment: Disabilities and disasters in Africa; World Disasters Report 2013 – technology and disaster response; Internally displaced people.

Incident analysis: Relief versus politics in Pakistan; Wildfires exacerbate flooding in Colorado; Exceptional flooding in Uttarakhand, India; Typhoon Haiyan, Philippines.

Interviews: Terje Skavdal of INSARAG; Newly-appointed Fire Chief of Tokyo. Training & Exercises: Human behaviour in CBRN attacks; Euro-Arctic cross border assistance; Preparing for dangerous incidents with computer aided modelling and simulation; Major incidents in hospitals.

Safety & Security: Securing soft targets; Westgate attacks; Violence in schools.

Features: USAR equipment; Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and privacy issues; Personal resilience.

In depth: Chinese emergency management system; More effective disaster management; Business excellence in the fire service; Lightning strikes.

Plus: Book reviews – Intelligent Policing by Simon Guilfoyle & Navigating the Unknown by Patrick Lagadec; Lockerbie bombing anniversary; Frontline – female bomb searchers in Southern Lebanon.

Authors, contributors & interviewees: Robert Uwen, Nigeria; Dr Dave Sloggett, UK; Luavut Zahid, Pakistan; Bill Peterson, USA; Sandeep Rai Rathore, India’s National Disaster Response Force & Civil Defence; Ian Dunbar, Holmatro; Christo Motz, Netherlands; Kenji Ogura, TFD, Japan; John Astbury, CBE, UK; Dr Kristian Krieger & Dr Brook Rogers, King’s College, London, UK; Orjan Karlsson, Norway’s Directorate for Civil Protection and Emergency Planning; Justin Lyon, Simudyne; Jess Dunford, Guy’s & St Thomas; NHS Foundation Trust, UK; Lina Kolesnikova, Brussels; Patrick McIlwee, UK; Susan M Smith EdD, MSPH & Teresa Hunter, MS, MPH, Indiana School of Public Health, USA; Dr Jay Levinson, Israel; Professor Avi Domb; Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel; Dr Noreen Tehrani, UK; Xiaoli Lu, China Crisis Management Website; Kaibin Zhong, Associate Professor, National Institute of Emergency Management, Chinese Academy of governance; K Harald Drager, Norway; Professor Meen Poydyal Chhetri, Nepal; Dr James Hagen, USA; Nicolae Steiner, MD, PhD, Romania; Mike Hall, ASFM, MIFireE, FNZIM, New Zealand; Hilary Phillips, South Africa; Simon Guilfoyle, UK; Patrick Lagadec, France; Tony Moore, ICPEM; Mines Advisory Group, UK.

Issue 1

Volume 9 - Issue 1 Comment: The safety curse; Resilience, heritage and climate;

Incident analysis: Chelyabinsk meteorite strike; Shell Pulau Bukom refinery blaze; Incident management for Japan; Disasters: Industrial vs natural;

On exercise: Tea and medals anyone?; Testing tactics and strategy;

Profiles: Building Fire Service capacity; Focus on Dubrovnik;

Safety & security: Focus on Nigeria; Hostile environment awareness; Public order policing;

Continuity & resilience: Business continuity at the UN; Collective intelligence; Critical infrastructure interdependence; Leadership and team skills; Resilience in Rotterdam;

In depth: Heatwaves, wildfires and public health; Aviation support; Defence training for civil emergencies; Command and control in a goldfish bowl; Press conference confidence; Lightning strikes; Chinese emergency management system;

Plus: European civil protection; Event review; Events; On the frontline;

Authors, contributors & interviewees: Friedrich Brohs; Yasmeen Lari; Lina Kolesnikova; Colonel Ling Young Ern and Colonel Anwar Abdullah; Arnold M Howitt, Haruo Hayashi, Hiromi Akiyama, and Herman B ‘Dutch’ Leonard; Dave Sloggett; Andy Marshall and Erie Braakhekke; Anita Burić; Patrick Mcilwee; Tom Kinderman; Roger Gomm; Brian Gray; Francisco Moreno and Alejandro Ortuna; Ana Laugé, José M Sarriegi and Josune Hernantes; Regina Phelps; Christo Motz; Ian Portelli, Amelia Schaub, Ramin Bajoghli, Alyssa DiCosmo and Silas Smith; Jon Gunns; Mike Hall; Anna Averkiou; Hilary Phillips; Kailbin Zhong and Xiaoli Lu;