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Volume 8 »

Issue 4

Volume 8 - Issue 4 Comment: Darwinian terrorism

Analysis: Text messages changing a country; Focus on Azeri response; Super-typhoon Bopha; Fatal blast lays town to waste; Boston Marathon bombing response;

Terrorism & Security: Attacks and the police in Pakistan; Police training in East Africa; Simple steps to combat cyber crime; CBRN planning in urban areas; CBRN scenarios in action

Urban resilience: Learning from the commercial sector; Addressing airport vulnerabilities; Resilience and the urban environment; Food, cities and disasters; Media and sensitisation

Features: Cross-border emergency management; Military disaster relief; Training defence for civil support

In depth: Response and resilience; Environmental value of the Fire Service; Chinese emergency management; Urban public health emergencies

Authors: Dave Sloggett, Alexandra Murdoch, Emily Hough, Tom Kinderman, Bill Peterson, Herman B ‘Dutch’ Leonard and Arnold M Howitt, Luavut Zahid, Huw Gosling, Brigadier General Ioannis Galatas, Major Christophe Libeau, Afshin Mansouri and Ali Torabi, Ratindra Khatri, Christo Motz, Emily Dowding-Smith and Thomas Forster, Mohammed Hoseini and Mostafa Mohaghegh, Hilary Phillips, Arno Umfahrer, Jon Gunns, Mike Hall, Xiaoli Lu and Kaibin Zhong, Ian Portelli and Silas Smith

Issue 3

Volume 8 - Issue 3 Comment: Involving all elements of society

Interview: Updating the legacy of war

Educate: Promoting preparedness; National ShakeOut campaign; Safety versus survival

Weather: Hurricane Sandy; FDNY response to Sandy; Transport system collapse; Water, water everywhere

Prepare: Challenging risk in a dangerous world; What exactly are we responding to?; Large-scale terror and disasters; Real-time visual comms; Cubism, camoufl age and fish

Health: Situational awareness; Taking the trauma out of a crisis

In depth: Floodwater rescue; Climate change and urban response; Lessons learnt from major incidents; What is the true value of the Fire Service?

Authors: Lee Howell, Christo Motz, Maggie Silver, Dave Daigle and Catherine Jamal, Anita Komen, Hilary Phillips, Bill Peterson, Lina Kolesnikova, Dave Sloggett, Dennis Davis, Phil Wood, Nancy D Connell and Leonard Cole, Alois Hirschmugl and Harald Skinnemoen, Christine Jessup, Raphael M Barishansky and Audrey Mazurek, Patrick Rea, Ian Portelli, Ramin Bajoghli and Silas W Smith, Regina Phelps, Mike Hall

Issue 2

Volume 8 - Issue 2 Comment: Time to clean up our act?

Incident analysis: Shipwreck search and rescue; Dealing with school tragedy; Torrents sweep through homes; Management of flash floods in Spain; Wildfire protection in France;

Urban resilience: Picking up from where science failed; Put logistics in their place; Protecting cultural heritage

Terrorism & security: Official report into Norway attacks; The rise of the lone attacker; Keeping their distance; Exercise Hades; Planning for a CBRN attack;

London 2012: Prevention better than cure; Troops stepped in for Games security;

In depth: Crisis? What crisis?; The good, the bad and the ugly; Testing the team; Maintaining the gold standard

Authors: Christo Motz, Emily Hough, Erik L J L De Soir, Lina Kolesnikova, Fernando Soteras and José González García, Christophe Debray, Maarten De Cock and Emily Dowding-Smith, Peter Stolwerk, Stephanie Anderson, Christophe Libeau, Dave Sloggett, Chris Yates, Anna Averkiou, Mike Hall, Regina Phelps, Willie Baker

Issue 1

Volume 8 - Issue 1 Comment: Business and resilient cities; Health and safety law; Preventing state failure

Incident analysis: Restoring power; Congo munitions blast; Learning from Turkey’s experience; Reviewing earthquake response

Interviews: What next for USAR?: Collective intelligence

Profiles: Heavy lifters; Civil protection

Features: Securing London 2012; Preparing for Sochi; Moving out of the classroom; Space mapping; Social hazard resources; The role of public health

In Depth: The times they are a changin’; Spreading information; Training for transport emergencies; Communication plans; We need global disaster codes

Partners: Intensive testing for safe hands; Providing essential support

Authors: Peter Gruetter, Michael Eburn, Dave Sloggett, Emily Hough, Cem Behar and Zeynep Gül Ünal, Mike Hall, Hilary Phillips, Alexander Kuvshinov, Michael Fuller, Lina Kolesnikova, Alex Lopez Carresi, Alois A Hirschmugl, Silas W Smith, Matthew Williams and Ian Portelli, Raphael M Barishansky and Audrey Mazurek, Mike Hall, Anna Averkiou, Willie Baker, Regina Phelps, Ed Blakely, Gore & Associates, British Red Cross