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Volume 7 »

Issue 4

Volume 7 - Issue 4 Comment:
complex tapestry of issues surrounding state failure

Incident analysis:
Pukkelpop tragedy; Stadium disasters; TFD’s front-line response; Preparation through intelligence; Managing a volcanic crisis

Soldiers ready; Ready to be resilient; Urban challenges

Security / Policing:
Local awareness; A matter of confidence; Embracing the future; Fear, uncertainty and doubt

Lost in transition; They didn’t see it coming; Working together in crises

In Depth:
Major transport accidents; Completing the toolkit; Exchanging ideas and experience; Learning from disaster recovery; Don’t fear the media

A matter of stored energy; Fighting the invisible criminal

Dave Sloggett; Erik de Soir; Hilary Phillips; Masanao Fujiwara; Andy Marshall; Sara F Zurita; Kathryn A Foster; Richard Simpson and Alice Balbo; Scott M Bernat; Thomas Kinderman; José Luis González and Fernando Soteras; Scott M Bernat; Thomas Kinderman; Justin Crump; Julian Richards; Patrick Lagadec; Arjen Boin; Herman B ‘Dutch’ Leonard and Arnold M Howitt; Willie Baker; Regina Phelps; Dave Frodsham; Cassidian; Anna Averkiou; Ed Blakely;

Issue 3

Volume 7 - Issue 3 Comment:
globalisation, discussing how it affects national, commercial and personal security

Incident reports:
Search for missing planes; Living in volcanic shadows; Quake tests national response plans; Disorder and looting; Fighting fires amid the violence;

Security / Terrorism:
Security challenges for 2012; Children in mass casualty events; Intelligence and corporate security;

Dangerous work; E-learning for civil contingencies; Sharing space resources; Self-reliance, resilience and survival; Supporting CBRN responders;

In Depth:
Civilian CBRN: Crude, variable, potentially deadly; Resilience: The wider view; Media strategy: When bad news is good news; The secrets of successful exercises; Recovery management; Forest management: The future;

Extreme environments; Data exchange

Dr Julian Richards; Hilary Phillips; Dóra Hjálmarsdóttir; Ratindra Khatri; Emily Hough; Ron Dobson; SIRS Consultancy; Dr Kobi Peleg; Justin Crump; Douglas Gilbert and John Kloosterman; Andy Marshall; Agnieszka Lukaszczyk; Christo Motz; Dr Barbara Blanckmeister and Claudia Schorr; Andy Oppenheimer; Dr Dave Sloggett; Anna Averkiou; Regina Phelps; Ed Blakely; Murray Dudfi eld; W L Gore & Associates; Cassidian

Issue 2

Volume 7 - Issue 2 Comment:
personal insights into lessons learnt and how the Japanese Government and people responded in the aftermath of the crises

Incident reports:
Sinking on the River Volga; Attacks trigger tough choices; Attacks trigger tough choices;

Paediatric emergency; Inter-agency working; Fighting the cybercriminals; Nuclear events; Community resilience

Can we handle nature’s new norm?; Climate change and emergency management; Cities and climate; Burnt, battered, drenched; The case for adaptation;

In Depth:
Wildfires in Australia; Resilience: The wider view; Improvised CBR attacks; Recovery management

Ahead of the game

Arjun Katoch; Lina Kolesnikova; Peter Craig; Hilary Phillips; David Holdsworth; John Lyons; Dr Dave Sloggett; David J Kaufman and Kathy Settle; William S Becker; John Labadie; Adrien Labaeye and Anke Stoffregen; William (Bill) Peterson; Dr Sebastian Catovsky; Dr Richard Thornton; Andy Oppenheimer; Edward Blakely; David Blore

Issue 1

Volume 7 - Issue 1 Comment:
initiative designed to support and develop strategic leaders’ capabilities to handle a multi-agency crisis

Incident Reports:
Further blow for Christchurch; Disasters strike Australia; Air rescuers put to the test; Japan’s great disaster; International USAR help;

Systems failure; New audits for new challenges; Protecting foreign nationals; Singapore resilience

Transport Resilience:
Contentious toll system; Keeping airports running; Fire response at Turkish Airlines crash; Volcanic disruption; Transport resilience in Victoria; Incident at Changi Airport;

In Depth:
Resilience: The wider view; Recovery management; Wildfire management; Transit systems as terror targets

Three crises in two months; Message alert

Andy Marshall; Emily Hough; Mark Kempton; Hilary Phillips; Arnold M Howitt and Herman B ‘Dutch’ Leonard; Patrick Lagadec; Lina Kolesnikova; Kevin Probert-Ehaver; Tony Pearce; Dave Sloggett; Ed Blakely; Luis Diego Román Madriz; Andy Oppenheimer; Henry Makiwa; Cassidian