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Volume 6 »

Issue 4

Volume 6 - Issue 4 INCIDENT REPORTS: Complex collapse rescue; Chile mine rescue; Toxic torrent sweeps through towns; Forest fire claims 44 lives

INTERVIEWS: On the front-line of Europe’s response; Working with communities; Airport safety in Beirut; Life after FiReControl

FEATURES: Severe snow-storms; Moscow air transport collapse; Fire policy development; Satellites: an information leap

URBAN RESILIENCE: Technology for smarter cities; Planning-in resilience against terrorism; Community involvement; Urban disaster reduction: a case study; Making cities resilient; Disaster risks in urban areas and cities

IN DEPTH: Multi-agency readiness for CBRN; Wildfires in the Euro-Alpine Region; Password authentication

REGULAR SECTIONS: Events; Books; EU Civil Protection; Lessons learnt

AUTHORS: R C Sharma; Hilary Phillips; Emily Hough; Jay Levinson; Kristalina Georgieva; Bernd Noggler; Carl Rizk; Kevin Probert-Ehaver; Lina Kolesnikova; Dennis Davis; Einar Bjorgo; to Mostafa Mohaghegh; Vahid Hosseinijenab and Bijan Daftari; Taufika Ophiyandri and Dilanthi Amaratunga; Jon Coaffee; Andy Oppenheimer; Eva Valese; Jason Hart

Issue 3

Volume 6 - Issue 3 INCIDENT REPORTS: Christchurch quake response; Russian heat wave; Congo recovery; India air tragedy; Inundation threatens millions; Fire and oil in the Gulf of Mexico

INTERVIEW: Global risk management

PROFILE: Logistics in disasters

FEATURES: Could a solar flare knock out the lights?; Predicting evacuation success; Engine brown-outs; Mapping the way for senior executives; FloodEx 2009: Lessons identified; The CBRN threat; IDER mission to the Philippines; Social networking: A tool for hackers; Social networking: A tool for hackers; Wildfires in the Caribbean; Planning for business

REGULAR SECTIONS: Books; Events; From the unknown; EU: Host nation support; EU: Civil protection expansion?; Lessons Learnt

PARTNERS: The recovery challenge; Building TETRA coverage into tunnels

AUTHORS: Emily Hough; Lina Kolesnikova; Hilary Phillips; Christina Müschen; Tony Phillips and Madhulika Guhathakurta; Bas Kolen, Bob Maaskant, Ira Helsloot and Bart Thonus; Javier Mainar; Patrick Lagadec; Ralf Beerens, Peter Glerum and Piet Schneider; Chris Phillips; Simon Langdon; Jason Hart; Ian Portelli and Mollie Marr; Marcos P Ramos and Raúl González; Gillies Crichton; British Red Cross; TETRA

Issue 2

Volume 6 - Issue 2 COMMENT: A growing partnership; Doomed to repeat the past; Copenhagen: The lost battle?; Plans vs Planning

INCIDENT REPORTS: Haiti: The EU response; Haiti: Search and rescue; Haiti: Vital drinking water; Haiti: Emergency medical aid; Second attack on Russian train; London’s Flu Response Centre; Dam blast disaster

INTERVIEW: Sweden’s MSB: One year on

FOCUS: All eyes on South Africa; Safety from the bottom-up

FEATURES: Societal self-reliance; Protecting your people abroad

ON EXERCISE: Flood response: Learning lessons

IN DEPTH: Protecting critical infrastructure; Planning for business; The View-Finder Project

REGULAR SECTIONS: CSARN; Books; Events; EU civil protection; From the unknown; Lessons learnt

PARTNER PAGES: Haiti: British Red Cross response; Aiding self-sufficiency

AURTHORS: Ørjan N Karlsson; Craig Nemitz; Patrick Lagadec; Andy Marshall; Hans Das; RAPID-UK; Nicolas Hefner; Alice Kociejowski; Lina Kolesnikova; Alexander Kuvshinov; Emily Hough; Hilary Phillips; Christo Motz; Louise Cadle; Sarah Moore and Guy Chambers; Andy Oppenheimer; Gillies Crichton; Henry Makiwa; Mike Hall

Issue 1

Volume 6 - Issue 1 INCIDENT REPORTS: Trouble in paradise; Quake in Sumatra; Typhoon Morakot; Wedding tent arson

INTERVIEWS: Singapore prepared; Russian response

ON EXERCISE: FloodFighters and FloodEx; Multi-agency working

FEATURES: Oceans of change; Command structure research; Plea for assistance; Disaster preparedness; Malevolent use of radiation

IT AND CYBER SECURITY: Safety in cyberspace; Analysing ICT dependencies; Defence against cyber crime

IN DEPTH: CBRN: Revolutionised reporting; View Finder; Looking Backwards: Disaster exercises; Complex urban response; Wildfires in South America

REGULAR SECTIONS: CSARN; Books; Events; EU civil protection; From the unknown; Lessons learnt

PARTNER PAGES: Stabilising business in disaster; Overseas assistance; Meeting higher expectations; Booz Allen Hamilton

AUTHORS: Carlos Fuentes Nieto and Marta San Segundo Campo; John Holland; Kuwait Fire Department; Emily Hough; Sergey Shoygu; David Lane; Andy Marshall; Mostafa Mohaghegh; Fabio Bisogni and Paulo Fusco; Ivonne Ramos; Bijan Daftari; Raphael Perl and Nemanja Malisevic; Fabio Bisogni and Simona Cavallini; Jayne Clinton; Andy Oppenheimer; Jay Levinson; Ian Portelli and Mollie Marr; María I Manta and Patricia Sanhueza; Mical de Boer; Mike Hall