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Volume 5 »

Issue 4

Volume 5 - Issue 4 INCIDENT REPORT: Cruise ship influenza

RAILWAY SAFETY: Italy rail accident; Derailment sparks ethanol blast; Terror attacks on trains

ON EXERCISE: Northstar VII; USAR classification

MIDDLE EAST: Investing for stability; Testing wartime response; Report from Kuwait

FEATURES: Dealing with the dead; Psychological stabilisation; Fighting the floods; Breaking lab habits; Man versus machine

IN DEPTH: Looking backwards; CBRN tools of the trade; Changing face of wildfires

REGULAR SECTIONS: Books; Events; EU civil protection; From the unknown; Lessons learnt

PARTNERS: Managing planning; ERM for pandemic flu; Pandemic planning; Living up to the promise; Hydraulic tools in technical rescue; Community resilience; Decontamination developments; Finnish high-flyer

AUTHORS: Emily Hough; Arjun Katoch; Dennis Davis; Jonathon Hall; Guiseppe Romano; Craig Wilt; Lina Kolesnikova; Peter Crook; Francis J Skrobiszewski; Adi Moncaz; Erik de Soir and Koen Goffings; Greg Slater; Richard Fitzhugh; Jay Levinson; Andy Oppenheimer; Marc Castellnou i Ribau and Marta Miralles Bover; Scott Millington; Robert Jensen and Kelly Amoroso; Brendon Morris; Henry Makiwa; Mike Hall; Jyrki Koski

Issue 3

Volume 5 - Issue 3 INCIDENT REPORTS: CBRN emergency in Spain; Italian earthquake

CONFLICT: Israeli Fire and Rescue; Gaza assessment; Response in South Ossetia

PROFILE: Russia and Europe working together

FLOODING: Testing co-operation; Should things go wrong...

FEATURES: Exercise evaluation; Time for an EU disaster relief force?; Protecting CNI via satellite; Robots to the rescue

IN DEPTH: Robotic senses for hostile sites; Complex emergencies in New York City; Looking backwards; Wildland fires: Mediterranean; Emergency evacuation; Chemical attacks in transit; Leadership: Avoiding the traps

REGULAR SECTIONS: Events; EU civil protection; From the unknown; Lessons learnt

PARTNERS: Sichuan quake; Resilient firefighting response; A common operational picture; Social media and risk communication; The risk imperative for PPE

AUTHORS: Dr Fernando Prados Roa and Juan José Giménez Mediavilla; Alessandro Paola; Adi Moncaz; Alexander Kuvshinov; Vladimir Kuvshinov; Peter Glerum; Bas Kolen and Ira Helsloot; Piet Schneider; Lina Kolesnikova; Hilary Phillips; Elena Messina; Hans De Smet, Carlos Pinzon and Jan Leyson; Ian Portelli and Mollie Marr; Jay Levinson; Gavriil Xanthopoulos; Arnold Howitt, Andrew Velasquez III, Mike Montgomery and Ellis Stanley; Andy Oppenheimer; Dr Isaac Ashkenazi, Dr Leonard Marcus and Dr Barry Dorn; Brendon Morris; Roger Diggle; Rod Stafford; Tim L Tinker, Michael Dumlao, Grant McLaughlin and David Fouse; Dave Frodsham

Issue 2

Volume 5 - Issue 2 INCIDENT REPORTS: Ignoring fire safety?; Mumbai terror attacks; Mumbai attacks: Instinctive resilience; New media’s moment in Mumbai

FEATURES: Rescue South Africa; Maritime economic terrorism; Commanding crises in Russia

CLIMATE CHANGE: Adapting to Europe’s changing climate; The deadly dozen

EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT: Tales from Oz; Changing how we think; A resilience infrastructure profile; Leading community self-preparedness

IN DEPTH: Emergency evacuation; Looking backwards; Leadership: The success paradox; CBRN-E; Wildland fires

PARTNERS: Psychosocial support after attacks; Situational awareness

REGULAR SECTIONS: Books, Events; EU civil protection; From the unknown; Lessons learnt

AUTHORS: Tony Oliver; Richard Bingley; Chris Battle; Ian Scher; John Astbury; Lina Kolesnikova; André Jol, Carlo Lavalle and Bettina Menne; Adam Crowe; Christine Jessup; Andy Marshall; François Maurer; Jay Levinson; Dr Isaac Ashkenazi, Dr Leonard Marcus and Dr Barry Dorn; Andy Oppenheimer; Johann Goldammer; Vanessa Spiller; John Morton

Issue 1

Volume 5 - Issue 1 INCIDENT REPORTS: Channel Tunnel vision; Kauhajoki school shooting; Sunrise propane blast; Cyber attack resilience; Bihar’s flood relief; Hurricane Ike experience

ON EXERCISE: High-rise drill; Preparing for the next quake

SAFER SOCIETY: A climate of change; Societal continuity; Asteroids: A new challenge; Improving Europe’s 112 number

EMS: Pilgrims’ progress in Spain; Command and control

PROFILE: Disaster management

IN DEPTH: Mountain rescue; No-tech terror; Campus and workplace shootings; Crisis management; Wildland fires

PARTNERS: London’s response to 7/7; Shoring and lifting; Exercising emergency management; Rapid communication; Supporting the response

REGULAR SECTIONS: Books, Events; EU civil protection; Lessons learnt

AUTHORS: David Lane; Pentti Partanen; William A Stewart; Mati Raidma; Paras Nath Rai; Jamell Robinson; Frank G Straub; Christ Abbott, Cleo Paskal and Thomas Phipps; Brett Lovegrove; Russell Schweickart and Paul Kovacs; Olivier Paul-Morandini; Francisco Javier Antonio Alonso Urbita; Jonathan Lofthouse; Hilary Phillips; Yannick Dissart; Joseph Almog and Jay Levinson; Hollis Stambaugh; Robert Jensen; Alexander Held; David Donegan; Brendon Morris; Stephen Prendergast; Stephen Prendergast