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Volume 4 »

Issue 4

Volume 4 - Issue 4 NEWS EXTRA: Saving the children

INCIDENT REPORTS: Myanmar: The response: Myanmar: Water workers; Myanmar: Eye of the storm; The Sichuan earthquake; Japanese rescue efforts

ON EXERCISE: Preparing for national emergencies; A unified standard

INTERVIEWS: View from the front line; Road to recovery

FEATURES: The Gautrain tunnel; Passenger profiling; Improving flood response

SAFER CITIES: Building for terrorism; Urban risks; Preparing for emergencies; Military ammunition blasts

IN DEPTH: Emergency evacuation; Crisis management; Emergency websites; Making waves; Looking backwards; Campus and workplace shootings; Beach rescue; Wildland fires

PARTNER PAGES: Olympic effort; Mission critical capabilities; Emergency response resilience; FloodCommand success

REGULAR SECTIONS: Floodfighters 2008 preview; Events; EU civil protection; Lessons learnt

AUTHORS: Corinna Csaky; Arjun Katoch; Nicholas Hefner; Kneez Bukhari; Battalion Chief Osamu Hara; Adi Moncaz; Gordon Hunter; Tarique Ghaffur; Emily Hough; Hilary Phillips; Alex Carmichael; Chris Phillips; Hossein Kalili; Ian Portelli and Lina Kolesnikova; José Antonio Aparicio Florido; Robert Jensen; Adam Crowe; Andrew Clark; Jay Levinson; Hollis Stambaugh; Yannick Dissart; Johann G Goldammer; Philippe Meleard; Henrik Kiertzner; Kneez Bukhari

Issue 3

Volume 4 - Issue 3 INCIDENT REPORTS: Albania munitions blast highlights stockpiling issues; Heathrow crash rescue; Daring air rescue at sea; America’s crane collapse blight

ON EXERCISE: Dirty bomb basics; Ready to rumble; Fire5 in Sardinia

PROFILES: Underground SAR; Preparing for everyday emergencies

FEATURES: The search for excellence; Severe weather warning; Psychological first aid for children

IN DEPTH: Trauma support; Emergency management websites; Looking backwards; Good governance; Crisis management; Campus and workplace shootings; Making waves; Wildland fires; Flood resilience

PARTNER PAGES: Aiding interoperability; No compromise on footwear; No compromise on footwear

COMMENT: Nigeria’s oil-driven security situation; Well intentioned fools rush in; The flood rescue challenge

REGULAR SECTIONS: Floodfighters 2008 preview; Events; Lessons learnt

AUTHORS: Dr Alois Hirschmugl; John Trew; Jonathon Hall; Lieutenant Ignatius Carroll; Dr Laurie Mazurik; Hilary Phillips; Herman B ‘Dutch Leonard’ and Arnold M Howitt; Richard Bingley; Kris Spaepen and Erik De Soir; Noreen Tehrani; Adam Crowe; Jay Levinson; Irwin Turbitt; Jerry J Novosad Jr; Hollis Stambaugh; Andrew Clark; Sundar P Sharma; Peter Borrows; Philippe Melard; Dave Frodsham; Alex Boyd; Robert Jensen; Paul O’Sullivan

Issue 2

Volume 4 - Issue 2 INCIDENT REPORTS: The Jokela school shooting; Strait and narrow; Wildfires in California; After the flood

ON EXERCISE: From the horse’s mouth

PROFILES: Specialist mobility in mountain rescue; Military firefighting; Facing Qatar’s future; The need for speed

ANALYSIS: The Ikeja blast and other disasters

TERRORISM: What has the private sector learned from 9/11?; Expecting the unexpected

FEATURES: Rapid Reflection Force: reality test; Monitoring international SAR teams; The Pitt Review into the UK floods

IN DEPTH: Flood resilience; Campus and workplace shootings; Crisis management; Trauma support; Good governance; A question of communication; Safety at major events; Wildland fires; Looking backwards

PARTNER PAGES: Command/control: Update; Gore’s 50 years of innovation

REGULAR SECTIONS: Events; Europe civil protection; Comment; Lessons learnt

AUTHORS: Vesa Toikka; Toni Jokinen; Henry R Renteria; John Tulloch; Dr Andy Robertson and Hazel Harley; Hilary Phillips; Mark Almond; Abdulla bin Mohd Al-Sowaidi; Alvaro Pemartin; Major General Martin Chukudi Osahor (Rtd); Emily Walker; Emily Hough; Pierre Béroux, Xavier Guilhou and Patrick Lagadec; John Holland; David Lane; Peter Borrows; Hollis Stambaugh; Salvador Velasco and Nick Haig; Noreen Tehrani; Irwin Turbitt; Andy Clark; Fire Chief Klaus Maurer; Dr Leonid Kondrashov; Jay Levinson; Stephen Prendergast;

Issue 1

Volume 4 - Issue 1 INCIDENT REPORTS: US bridge collapse; Phuket air crash; Volcanic eruption in Réunion; Response to Peruvian quake; Forest fires in Greece

INTERVIEW: The man who can

PROFILES: Search and rescue in Iceland; Russia’s EMERCOM; South Africa’s volunteer rescuers

FEATURES: Medical perspective on limited mass casualty trauma; Co-ordinating CBRN preparedness; Reconstruction in Lebanon; Risky business

IN DEPTH: Good governance part I; Crisis management part II; Safety at major events part II; Looking backwards part II; Wildland fires part II; A question of communication part I

REGULAR SECTIONS: Comment – more recognition; for disaster psychology ; Floodfighters 2007 review; Diary dates; IDER 2007 review; The new face of European civil protection; Lessons Learned

PARTNER PAGES: Who will get their feet wet?; Fire control developments; Great expectations; A cut above the rest

AUTHORS: Deputy Chief Rob Allen; Gareth Marshall; Ioannis Kapakis; Emily Hough; Friðfi nnur Freyr Guðmundsson; Irina Andrianova; Hilary Phillips; Jonathon Lohn, Kevin Fong and Simon Withey; Richard Stowe; Nicolas Hefner; Mostafa Mohaghegh; Irwin Turbitt; Robert Jensen; Klaus Maurer; Jay Levinson; Nikola Nikolov; Andy Clark; Dennis Davis; Mark Bryce;