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Volume 13 »

Issue 4

Volume 13 - Issue 4 Comment: Daring to be different; Closing the gap

Resilience: Community cohesion; Growing resilience; Cascading consequences; Committing to change; Rohingya refugee crisis; Psychosocial care in Syria; Closure after disasters; Maritime urban disaster response; Globalism and world security

Security & Terrorism: Situational prevention; Hybrid warfare as a societal threat; Societal resilience and malicious actors; False alarms and mass alerts; Data breaches and disclosure; Online enforcement

Humanitarian cargo logistics: Exploring complex interactions; Logistical challenges; Global aviation resource hub; Big data and analytics

Travel risk management: Beyond the smoke and mirrors; Low threat, high fear; Beware the negligence trap; Spotting trouble; Travel risk planning; Survival packing; Air crash in Nepal

CRJ R&D: The sky’s not the limit; Social ties; Reducing congestion, saving lives

Regulars: Events; Frontline

Issue 3

Volume 13 - Issue 3 Comment: Reputational crisis

Humanitarian & Response: Humanitarian sexual abuse; Gender sensitive humanitarian action; A new phenomenon in seismic risk?; USAR capacity building in China; Air crash response; Rollercoaster incident; Managing the risks at sporting events

Water resilience: Learning from São Paulo’s water crisis; Can technology delay a water crisis?; Water and security; Floating cities; Management of dead bodies in water

Society, safety, security: Going underground; CBRN and medical preparedness; Nerve agent released in the UK; Holding your nerve; Childcare providers in disasters; Victims of explosive violence; Long-term conflict effects

Digital & Cyber: Automotive cybersecurity time-bomb; Data protection; Digital security in the Middle East

Organisational Resilience: Countering counterfeiting; Review of Manchester bomb response; When is stress a problem?

Regulars: R&D: Forensic video analysis; NIMS Part III; Frontline: Google’s crisis response

Issue 2

Volume 13 - Issue 2 Comment: Overcoming fear: harnessing the power of people

Features: Preparing for the dragon; Learning in safety; Disasters and the workplace; Earthquake response in Iran; Breaking California's wildfire cycle; Call for Disasters Inspectorate; Airport fi refighting in Mongolia; Arctic SAR in mass rescue ops

Disaster Risk Reduction: Reducing risk requires robust data; Disasters and opportunities; DRR technology; One city’s road to resilience

Fakes and truth: How safe are the products you buy?; Normalising the unthinkable; Cutting ‘fake news’ down to size; Fake news and the art of war

Mental health & resilience: Surviving a terrorist attack; Psychological fi rst aid for migrants; Normal reactions to abnormal events; Intergenerational trauma; Mental wellbeing in the workplace; Children and disaster resilience

Business & societal resilience: Blue whale challenge: Reality or myth?; Drug abuse: Tackling the source; Gender parity in BCM; Planning to fail?; Infrastructure crisis warnings; Community in disaster response

R&D / Technology: Innovation awards in Paris; Machine learning and social media; Communications and tribal entities

Regulars: Diary and events; Frontline

Issue 1

Volume 13 - Issue 1 Comment: Disasters: Natural, man-made, or both?; Averting catastrophe in high-rise fires

Weather: Hurricanes Harvey and Irma in the US; A Caribbean update

Humanitarian: INSARAG interview; Humanitarian aid: A matter of trust; Clean water for an entire nation

Conflict & Security: Surviving a terrorist attack; Geopolitics & climate; After Daesh in Iraq; Protracted armed conflicts; Refugees fleeing explosive violence; Child refugee health volunteers; Reintegrating junior violent extremists; Islamic state deportees and returnees; Peacebuilding works; Preventing & surviving crisis

Resilience: Supporting those who flee Boko Haram; Employee assistance; National resilience; Leadership qualities; Battle boxes for businesses; Bits and bytes and flesh and blood; Risk communication saves lives

R&D/Technology: Changing brain injury treatment; Frontline poisons information

Co-operation: The constant honing of co-operation; A framework for trust; Immersive counter-terror training

In Depth: Drone-based Photogrammetry; The progress of NIMS: Part II; Early warning in small islands: Part III

Regulars: Events; Frontline