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Volume 11 »

Issue 4

Volume 11 - Issue 4 Comment: We are facing a greater frequency and wider spread of crises than ever before

Features: Unified response in London; Oil spill volunteers; Falkland Islands response; An unexpected lifesaving ally; Using data for resilience; Rapid response anywhere and everywhere; Zika: New challenges and insights; Soufrière’s eruptions; Call for sustainable life practices

Humanitarian: World Humanitarian Summit; Time for change?; Learning from Haiti’s cholera crisis; A turning point for security in Pakistan?

Leadership & Management: Picking the dream crisis team; Leadership during crisis; Entrepreneurial resilience; Beyond command; Responder welfare

Terrorism & Security: Suicide bomber targets families; Terrorism: The threat picture; Can Europe learn from Israel?; Nigeria’s terrorism response; Double attacks in Brussels; Families and countering violent extremism

Technology: R&D: Drones for safety; Artificial intelligence; Lifesaving drones in Africa; Safer on The Strip; Innovations in communication

In Depth: Apps for emergency management support; Terrorism: Outcomes and impacts; The Vienna Convention

Regulars: Events; Diary dates; Looking back; Europe; Frontline

Authors: Alina Alexe; Alina Okeeffe; Andrew Almond-Bell; Caroline Thomas; Casey Brunelle; Christian Lucky, Dr Reinaldo Acosta, Gabrielle O’Donoghue, Kristina Dolan, Shannon Rafferty, affer Naqvi, Carly Esteves, ; Christine Jessup; Dave Sloggett; David Oliver; Elizabeth Carthy; Emily Hough; Eric J Russell; FATE; Fredrik Keate; Ian Portelli; Jay Levinson & Avi Domb; Lee Miles; Lina Kolesnikova; Lisa Hastert; Luavut Zahid; Megan Mantaro, Kristina Dolan; Meir Elran; Michael McCabe; Oludare Ogunlana; Peter Cowup; Reita Waara; Richard Forno & Anupam Joshi; Rob Shimmin; Roger Gomm; Ruth Cole; Steve Johnson; Taina Hanhikoski; Tim Hall; Tony Moore; Vittorio Oppizzi

Issue 3

Volume 11 - Issue 3 Comment: The geopolitical aspect of the global migration

Features: Proposed chapters an section of the book; World Civil Defence Day; Flood response in Georgia; Interoperability utopia; Why do we still make the same mistakes?; INGO kidnap – a challenging new dynamic

Incident analysis: The Bacha Khan University attack ; Support in victim identification processes; Earthquake public preparedness

Conflict and displacement: Iraq’s mental healthcare crisis; Sexual violence in conflict; Mass sexual abuse: Portent of wider crisis?; Displacement crisis in Europe; The border security paradigm; Picking up the pieces: UXO in Syria; Urban services in armed conflict

UNISDR science event: The North Atlantic and weather extremes; The North Atlantic and weather extremes; Simulation aids training in Japan

Medical response: Simulation aids training in Japan; Casualty management in counter-terror

Technology: Casualty management in counter-terror; Critical space infrastructure and security; Critical space infrastructure and security; Critical space infrastructure and security; Spatial information sharing; Innovation in crisis; Innovation in crisis

In Depth: Innovation in crisis; Effective decision-making records

Regulars: Events; Books; Looking back; Frontline

Authors: Zain Daudpoto; Vladimir Kuvshinov; Brian Dillion; Caroline Sapriel; Chief Inspector Andrew Brown; Luavut Zahid; Erik de Soir; Dyan Mazurani & Phoebe Donnelly; Lina Kolesnikova; Marcia Kammitsi & Lisa Hastert; James le Mesurier & Ethan Wilson; Michael Talhami, Jean Philippe Dross, Evaristo de Pinho Oliveira, Javier Cordoba & Dr Mark Zeitoun; Dr Aurelie Duchez; Dr Abror Gadaev, Gulmira Boboeva, Dr Erkin Isakov, Dr Salim Saidov & Ilkhomjon Niyazov; Sonoe Mashino; Monique Pariat; Ian Portelli & Megan Mantaro; Alexandru Georgescu; Ryan Meeks; Dr Hayley Watson, Kush Wadhwa & Susan Anson; Ivan Baehr; Dave Sloggett; Alina Alexe; Roger Gomm; Tony Moore; Dr Martina Fuchs; Evgenia Mitroliou; Emily Hough; Alys Brown; Dr Attila Freska; The Service Medical du RAID; Dr Liviu Muresan & Alexandru Georgescu

Issue 2

Volume 11 - Issue 2 Comment:The final push for a climate deal at COP21

Incident analysis: Disasters at the Hajj; Rally bombings in Ankara: Paris attacks: A chronology; Paris attacks: Resource management; Paris attacks: On the frontline

Features: Today’s CBRN landscape; Command decision dilemmas; A continued threat; Senior management engagement; Manchester: United; Social safety not social unrest; Balancing civil security and defence; Civil-military: Working together; Developing resilience; Disaster diplomacy; Getting to the scene safely; Global road safety crisis; Will Smart Cities dream of resilience?; Networking for protection; Keeping the power on

Water: Water for peace and resilience; Adapting the UNDAC system; Floods in Sierra Leone; French Riviera Floods; Reducing motorist deaths; California drought update; From policy to emergency response; Reducing coastal risk

Technology: Research & Development; Drones in the emergency services; Ham radio in Belgium; Monitoring critical buildings

In Depth: Advanced situational awareness; Legal liability in nuclear accidents; Effective decision-making records

Regulars: Events; Looking back; Europe; Frontline

Authors: Prince Michael of Liechtenstein; Tony Moore; Christophe Libeau; Michel Rimélé; Hamish de Bretton-Gordon; Dr Dave Sloggett; Roger Gomm; Dominic Cockram; County Fire Officer Peter O’Reilly; Ulf Nilsson and Attila Jensen; Todd M Rosenblum; Rebecca Sutton; John Holland; Dr Albrecht Beck; Anthony Hildebrand; Emma MacLennan; David Prior; Simona Cavallini, Julia Friedl and Margherita Volpe; Tony Kingham; Dr Ian Portelli and Megan Mantaro; Andrew Griffiths; Emily Hough; Evangelos Sdongos and Dr Angelos Amditis; Lamberto Zannier; Ambassador Lamberto Zannier; Mo Hamza and Francesco Frezzetti; Robert McAlister; Carlo Zaglia; Andrew Gissing; Andrew Gissing, Katharine, Haynes, Lucinda Coates and Chas Keys; Bill Peterson; Kelly Hubbard and Melissa Baum-Haley; Mathijs van Ledden; Thomas Wilflinger; Alina Alexe; Andrew Bower

Issue 1

Volume 11 - Issue 1 Comment: Crisis response and critical austerity

Interviews: Joining up the dots; Crisis communications in action; Humanitarian solidarity in the EU

Analysis and incidents: Hostile environment safety; Personnel safety in the Arctic; Mudflow disasters in Georgia; Heat wave lessons from India; Heat wave in Karachi

On exercise: Emergency camp management; Cross-border co-operation

Terrorism and Security: Terrorist attacks in June; British Red Cross response; Live counter-terror exercise in London; Testing brigade procedures; Cyber incidents: The tip of the iceberg?; Threat intelligence feeds

Communities and resilience: Mega-mall protection; Medically vulnerable populations; Public health and resilience; A bottom-up approach; Population preparedness; Social vulnerability; City resilience; Crowd response psychology; Involving communities; Riding the storm

In-depth: Gender equality in civil contingencies; Treating PTSD in Israel’s Police; PTSD and resilience in firefighters; Advanced situational awareness; Legal liability in nuclear accidents; Effective decision-making records; Landslide search and rescue

Regulars: Events; Looking back; Europe; Frontline

Authors: Emily Hough; Matthew Ellis; Marc Lerchs; Christos Stylianides; Battleface; Callum Kelly; The Emergency Management Agency of Georgia; Satish Kumar Dogra; Luavut Zahid; Vlatko Jovanovski; Christo Motz; Lina Kolesnikova; British Red Cross; Brian Dillon; Allen Perez; Dave Sloggett; Christopher Morgan; Michael Kelly; Ian Portelli, Megan Mantaro and Andrew Guo; Raphael Barishansky and Audrey Mazurek; Giuseppe Guarino; Hara Caracostas; Denise D P Thompson; Magnus Qvant; Chris Cocking; Ian Wilson; Gary Villeneuve; Andy Marshall; Jay Levinson, Mordechai Cohen and Avraham Domb; Marc Ardon; Bukhtiar Mohsin; Alina Alexe; Roger Gomm; Thomas J Richardson; Tony Moore; Per-Øyvind Semb; Giles Duley