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Volume 10 »

Issue 4

Volume 10 - Issue 4 Comment: Facing up to robotic autonomy

News extra: ICDO update

Climate: Climate: Tackling the root causes, City resilience and the private sector, California’s ongoing drought

Incident analysis: Mini cyclone in Pakistan, Initial response to Nepal quake, Chemical weapons in Syria, Medics on the frontline

Security: Preparing for the unthinkable, Maritime supply chain security

WCDRR: The Sendai Framework: A look forward, Social and community perspectives, Building resilience, Science and technology, Mitigating seismic risk in Istanbul, Don’t sideline young voices, Gender and the Sendai Framework, Culture and heritage

Refugees and migrants: Attack the network, not the victims, Fire protection in refugee camps, Civil disturbance and xenophobia

Satellite technology: Interpreting imagery, Satellite services and disaster response, Tracking solutions

In depth: UAVs in crisis management, Women’s experience in civil contingencies, What has changed since Hurricane Ivan?, Search and rescue after landslide

Authors and contributors: Svein Tveitdal, Greg Lowe and Julia Brickell, William Peterson, Luavut Zahid, Arjun Katoch, James Le Mesurier and Ethan Wilson, Christophe Libeau, Carlo Zaglia, Roger Gomm, Simon Grantham, Paola Albrito, Mostafa Mohaghegh, Joachim Zeller and Enrique Guerrero Salom, Kevin Blanchard, Amina Aitsi-Selmi and Virginia Murray, Kazim Gökhan, Ariadyne Acunha, Marcus Dean and Giovanni Boccardi, Dave Sloggett, George Bryant, Hilary Phillips, Omar Iqbal, Clemente Fuggini, Andy Marshall, Clemente Fuggini, Thomas J Richardson, Jemilah Mahmood, Hilde Bohn

Issue 3

Volume 10 - Issue 3 Comment: Is humanity the collateral damage of terror?; Women and violent extremism

Terror & Security: January attacks in France; Hardening businesses against terrorism; SMEs also need to protect themselves; Pakistan school attack; Asymmetric attacks at sea

Disasters & urban resilience: Wildfires in South Africa; SAR after US mudslide; Resilience starts with people; Co-operation: A case study; Collective intelligence

Big data, cyber security: Making sense of big data; Cyber-consequences; Cyber threats: The ever-changing spectre; Humanitarian sector and cyber threats; Planning for the breach; International co-operation; Interview; Experiences of the military and disaster; Shaping humanitarian-civil co-operation; An ECHO perspective; Improving collaboration; NATO’s civil emergency planning

In Depth: A look towards 2050; ICDO Part III; Staff rotation in a crisis; Situational awareness; Hurricane Ivan ten years on

Authors and contributors: Christophe Libeau; Chris Phillips; Lina Kolesnikova; Luavut Zahid; Dave Sloggett; Hilary Phillips; Thomas J Richardson; Katrina Borromeo; Jay Levinson; Alejandro Salazar Ortuño; Ian Portelli, Ramin Bajoghli, Megan Mantaro and Amanda Horowitz; Andy Marshall; Chris Morgan; David Prior; Regina Phelps; Annemarie Zielstra, Eric Luiijf and Hanneke Duijnhoven; Emily Hough; Alois Hirschmugl; Eugene Gepte; Vera Mazzara; Heiko Herkel; Günter Bretschneider; Brett Lovegrove; Marijn Ornstein; Friedrich Steinhäusler; Jeremy Collymore

Issue 2

Volume 10 - Issue 2 Analysis: Church guesthouse collapse; Natural disasters in Palestine; Human trafficking; Syria’s volunteer rescuers; Terrorism briefing; Marauding firearms threat

Public Health: Ebola needs a global approach; Health preparedness: Possible futures

Environment & HazMat: CBRN response innovations; Clearing deadly weapons; Bosnian floods; Flooding and munitions in Pakistan; Water warnings; The second Bhopal disaster

Resilience & Response: Near earth objects; Cascading crises in Europe; Drivers for change; Sharing vital knowledge; Resilient communities; NATO Summit in Wales; Strategy, the golden thread

In depth:Making cities safer: No time to waste; Crisis and public order; Personnel rotation in crises; USAR in war: Conflict stabilisation; Civil protection in Tunisia

Authors and contributors:David Miliband and Courtenay Cabot Venton, Dr Vladimir Kuvshinov, Hilary Phillips, Albrecht Beck, Bernie Gravett, Roger Gomm, Emily Hough, Dr Dave Sloggett, Alvaro Pemartin, MD, Audrey Mazurek and Raphael M Barishansky, Prof Jean-Luc Gala, MD, Claire Hargreaves, Captain Christian Resch, Luavut Zahid, Colin Toogood,
Dr Detlef Koschny, Dr Detlef Koschny, Andy Marshall, Ian Dunbar, Dawn Woods, Dr Win Price, Robert Broadhurst, Brett Lovegrove, Dr Amina Aitsi-Selmi and Professor Virginia Murray, Paula Albrito, James Le Mesurier, Marijn Ornstein, Drs Erie Braakhekke and Ralf Beerens

Issue 1

Volume 10 - Issue 1 CRJ ten year retrospective; Building safety concerns in India after collapse; Climate change and the Fire Service in Queensland, Australia; Partnership peer review process.

NGO feature: Search & Rescue in Iran; Staffordshire (UK) Search & Rescue Team; Focus on EURACARE, EUTAC TAST and EURAMET; Exercise Angel Thunder.

Terrorism & Security: Gender-based violence as a terrorist tactic; Mapping out Pakistan's terror groups; Chemical weapons threat.

Smart, resilient cities: Interview with Sir David King of Future Cities Catapult; 100 Resilient Cities Challenge; Johannesburg profile; Project Sunrise at Lille University, France.

Future technology: Smart cities, empowering people; Spatialised social networks; Evolutions in disaster medicine; Real-time innovations in disaster response; Human agent collectives; Drones and UAVs in emergency situations; Space-based observation data potential.

In-Depth: Business excellence and new technology; USAR in an active war zone; Beyond the resilience apex - leadership in business continuity; Facing biological risk - bacterial resistance to antibiotics.

Plus: Civil protection in the Republic of Georgia; EU response to Balkan floods; Bhopal 30 years on; Frontline: overcoming trauma.

Authors and contributors: Tony Moore, IPCEM; Satish Kumar Dogra, India; Shan Raffel, QFRS; Helen Braitwaite, OBE, DCLG UK; Behrouz Moghaddasi, Iran; Rachel Good, SSART; Andy Marshall, Rhead Group; BrigGen Alois Hirschmugl, Austria; David Jones, Rescue Global; Lina Kolesnikova, Burssels; Dr Dave Sloggett, UK; Sir David King; Rockefeller Foundation, US; Hilary Phillips, South Africa; Isam Sharhrour, PhD, Professor, University of Lille, France; Robert Ouelette, MESH Cities, Canada; Dr Herve Borrion, UCL, UK; Brent Dibble, MD, MBA; Nadia Elkarra, MD; Megan E Mantaro; Ian Portelli, PhD, MSc; J P Vielleux, FIT, USA; Glenn Smith, MapleBird, UK; Antje Hechteljen & Anna Pustina, UNOOSA; Mike Hall, New Zealand; James Le Mesurier; Brett Lovegrove, UK; Col (r) Assoc Professor Nicolae Steiner, MD, PhD, Romania; ICDO; Per Oyvind Semb, EU ECHO; David Smith.