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Christo Motz

Christo Motz is a Dutch international expert on survival, hostile environment capabilities and resilience. He has worked in this field since 1999.

Currently, he advises international companies, government organisations and bodies within the charity and development sector on how they can develop their ability to operate safely and successfully in hostile environments and manage crisis situations effectively.

He has shared his experiences and delivered training throughout the world, especially in challenging environments, on crisis management; situational awareness to enhance personal safety; hostile environment security and safety awareness; mountain expedition and wilderness survival and remote emergency medical care; safety at height (rescue techniques, fire fighting and general safety); and fire safety awareness and first aid (confined spaces and underground). He also focuses on safety and survival in extreme cold and hot weather environments and urban, rural and hostile environments.

Christo is the author of books and articles and is the co-editor of leading international magazines on Survival and Acute Emergency Medicine.

He also produced the film 'AVANTO, Winter swimming, Survival and The Art of Living, a journey by Christo Motz' in 2017.

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