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Roger Gomm

Roger Gomm QPM, Advisor, Trainer, Consultant, Associate Lecturer, Cabinet Office Emergency Planning College, UK.

Roger retired from the Metropolitan Police Service having successfully completed a 34-year career in 2012. He has a unique background in operational command, having been pivotal in all major events in London for over 14 years.

He led the Casualty Bureau team in New York after the 9/11 terrorist attack, negotiated two-way flow of information on UK casualties enabling the UK Government to support bereaved families. In July 2005, he managed the police response to the London bombings of ‘7/7’, where he used his in-depth knowledge to excellent effect.

More recently he initiated the initial response to and later reviewed the London Riots of August 2011 to identify learning. His professional and personal commitment was recognised by Her Majesty in 2007 when he was awarded the Queens Police Medal for distinguished Service.

He is working as an Advisor, Trainer or Consultant and his portfolio includes;

- Associate Lecturer, Cabinet Office Emergency Planning College; delivering multi-agency strategic (Gold) and tactical (Silver) emergency and crisis management training to public and private sector as part of the Civil Protection Faculty.
- Associate Tutor, College of Policing; deliver Leadership, Management and Operational Command training
- Visiting Lecturer at Portsmouth, Christ Church and Huddersfield Universities; delivering practical workshop on integrated emergency management.
- Head of Training and Development, Institute of Civil Protection & Emergency Management (ICPEM).
- Advisor to GLA / London Resilience Team as part of the Academic and Operational Reference Group.