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Teresa Mullen

Teresa is the Founder and Director of Paradigm Human Performance Ltd.

Paradigm was established in 2017 and operates globally through a network of highly qualified and experienced associates. The company helps organisations to mobilise the power of their people to achieve organisational excellence through adoption of the Principles of Human Performance and tools and techniques that reduce the consequence of unwanted outcomes triggered by human error.

Teresa was formerly the Fleet Manager of Human Performance and Nuclear Professionalism at EDF Energy; she was also responsible for developing tools and techniques for measuring and monitoring organisational culture, particularly in relation to nuclear safety. Prior to that she worked as a Health and Safety Manager and a Frontline Operations Manager in high hazard industries such as fossil fuel and nuclear generation, electricity HV and LV distribution and rail.

A Loughborough alumnus, Teresa holds degrees in Occupational Health and Safety Management and Business Management and Leadership. She is also a qualified and highly experienced Human Performance Practitioner.

Her areas of expertise are Human Performance, Safety Culture, Business Transformation and Occupational and Behavioural Safety. Teresa is a Graduate Member of IOSH and also several international Human Performance and Human Factors Peer Groups and Forums. She blogs for Crisis Response Journal as well as for her own website.

Teresa provides personal development and executive coaching for individuals in her client organisations and volunteers as a small business and career development coach for women of contribution in her local community of the Forest of Dean, UK.

Teresa summarises her work as: “Creating new lines of communication between all levels of client organisations to create a shared understanding of ‘work as imagined’ vs ‘work as done’."