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Nils Petter Reinholdt

Nils Petter Reinholdt is a psychiatric nurse and hold a master degree from University in Oslo. He has worked with crises intervention and disaster management at local, regional and national level for the last 20 years, including a wide range of follow-up activities after the terror acts in Norway in 2011. He also has extensive international experiences, especially from projects in Eastern Europe.
RVTS East is now piloting a new Crisis Leadership Academy, which aims to develop Crisis leaders of the Future. The Academy is designed around the cutting-edge RVTS web based training portal (, with realistic crisis scenarios, timelines and activities in which the trainees and their trainers interact dynamically. A key resource in development and implementation of this concept is the London-based member of CRJ Editorial Advisory Panel, Robert Mc Alister.
The Academy is focusing on promoting crisis soft skills and the emotional intelligence of the trainees, through increased self-awareness: to support positive group dynamics and critical thinking processes. The training takes place on Utoya, the island where 69 youths were shot in a terrorist attack in 2011.