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Behrouz Moghadasi, Senior Instructor and Executive Director, White Mountain Training Institute, founder of Iranian Search and Rescue Teams

Behrouz Moghadasi is a physician, search and rescue instructor, first aid instructor and a trainer in survival, high altitude medicine, wilderness medicine and in disaster management. He has more than 20 years of experience in search and rescue, and was the founder and Head of the Iranian Search and Rescue teams (ISAR) and the White Mountain Training Institute.

He is a Member of Regional Disaster Response Team MENA zone IFRC and Member of Emergency Response to Chemical Incidents Asia & Oceania (OPCW).

The White Mountain Training Institute (WMTI) was created to provide search and rescue training, mountain rescue, disaster preparedness and humanitarian assistance. The institute is a dynamic organization providing training services through a high standard and practical concept, designed to accommodate international, national and local needs through training delivered anytime, anyplace, or anywhere in Nepal and abroad.

WMTI is also an outdoor training institute that specialises in providing the highest quality rescue training, wilderness education and technical instruction.
WMTI training programmes take place in some of the Himalayan regions, but also works across Nepal and further afield.