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Eugene Gepte

Eugene Gepte is a former Humanitarian Affairs Officer for Civil-Military Co-ordination under the UNOCHA, based in Geneva. A graduate of the Philippine Military Academy and a former Army Engineer Officer who has rendered 25 years of active military service in the Armed Forces of the Philippines and Department of National Defence, he was a UN peacekeeper for seven years, with postings at UNDPKO HQs and in Liberia. Gepte has served as Operations Desk Officer for an array of missions in Asia, the Middle East and Africa and served on a surge mission in Abyei, Sudan. He provided crisis response support to the missions in Haiti, Cote d’ Ivoire, Syria, Golan Heights and South Sudan. Gepte holds a Master Degree in Technology Management; a Graduate Diploma in Urban and Regional Planning; and a BS in Civil Engineering. He is also a Fellow of the Asia Pacific Centre for Security Studies and finishing his International Master’s Degree in Conflictology under UNITAR/UOC