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Chris Berry

Compliance Director at Polaris Telemetry Ltd

Chris BerryChris Berry is compliance director at PTL. He was previously founder and managing director of VSaaS.Cloud, Polaris Telemetry and Initsys.
Based in Europe, Chris is a serial entrepreneur with success in building technology business, primarily in the security and communications sectors. Systems designed by Chris and his colleagues protect over one million properties of all types and sizes.
Chris has experience in UK Fire Services, high-level security and was a 
competing nation consultant to the 2012 Olympics.
He first got involved in security when he built the UK's first independent security control room (EMCS).
Now semi-retired, Chris specialises in testing the compliance of failed 
security and risk plans and advising liability. Trained as an expert 
witness, he provides advice to the legal profession pre- and during trials.
In the early part of his career, Chris was a Geophysicist working in seismic 
exploration. His interests include computer programming, machine and 
statistical learning related to the threat management process, AI and 
computer rules engines, risk decision process and Planning as a Service 
As a family man, Chris is interested in improving the response to 
incidents of all types, especially those in public places. "Being a 
grandfather tends to make you focus on youth," he says.

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Chris Berry
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