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The use of drones in public safety and crisis management

Posted on 31st October 2018 at 17:29pm

CRJ Editor-in-Chief talks to the Drone Radio Show.

Emily Hough was recently interviewed for the USA-based Drone Radio Show about her perspectives on the growing importance of the use of Drones and other UAS systems in the public safety and crisis management environments. 

The Drone Radio Show is hosted by Randy Goers who started the Drone Radio Show to showcase the dynamic opportunities that are emerging in the drone industry, how those opportunities are changing lives and more importantly, how people can be part of this exciting industry.

The weekly podcast series features stories about drones and the people that use them for business, enjoyment or in their day to day life.  Through their experiences, you’ll learn about business opportunities, ways to use your drone, and exciting applications on the horizon.  You’ll hear from people just like yourself, who are using drone technologies to make a difference, make money or just have fun.

Hear the interview here

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